Frames & Lenses

Select the contact lenses that feel comfortable and suit you

With so many contact lens types to choose from it is vital that you seek the advice and guidance of trained professionals before making your final choice. Choosing the wrong contact lenses for your eyes can lead to serious eye conditions and infection.

We specialise in contact lenses at Visual Eyes and do our upmost to find the lenses that suit your lifestyle requirements and visual needs. Not only do we help you choose your contacts, we also give you as much information about them as possible so that you are able to keep them clean and your eyes healthy.

Here is a summary of the more common contact lenses that we supply:

Soft Lenses

Soft lenses are by far the most common type of contact lens currently fitted. Most of them are fitted as disposables. Soft lenses are usually comfortable straight away, which makes them particularly useful for sports and social wear. Most lenses are replaced either fortnightly or daily, although some are replaced every month. More frequent replacements can help in maintaining comfort and the health of your eyes.

Gas Permeable Lenses

Gas permeable lenses are developed from hard lenses. Hard lenses were made of Perspex and were fairly resistant to deposits and poor handling; however, they allowed minimal oxygen through to the front of the eye resulting in poor comfort and blurred vision. Gas permeable materials now allow oxygen through to the eye, giving better comfort and less eye problems. They still require an adaption time during which they may be a little uncomfortable but once adaption is achieved, these lenses can be very comfortable to use.


Around the age of 45 your eyes lose their ability to focus on close up objects. So if you already need eyewear for distance vision, you`re faced with the choice of either separate glasses for reading or spectacles that combine both near and distance lenses. The idea of bifocal glasses won’t appeal to someone who is used to contact lenses. Fortunately there’s now a viable alternative – multifocal contact lenses. Available in both Gas Permeable and soft disposable option, multifocal contact lenses are very different from their spectacle counterpart. They rely on the central part of the lens giving a focus for both near and far vision. This allows for both simultaneous close and distance vision in all directions.

Progressive Dailies

A daily disposable version of the successful Monthly Progressive Contact lens is now available. Designed for those patients that dislike having to care for their lenses, and the occasional user wanting to do without glasses for reading and distance vision on special occasions.

Looking after your contact lenses is vital. Not cleaning them properly, failure to follow guidelines for wear and using alternative solutions can harm your vision. We recommend that you follow the instructions you receive from your optometrist and speak to contact lens specialists in practice to learn more about effective cleaning and hygiene methods.

Our friendly team are always on hand to answer your contact lens questions. We will be happy to speak to you about your contact lens prescription and any problems you are having with them.