Specialist Services

At Visual Eyes, we have a team of experts dedicated to looking after your vision and general health. Our team is constantly looking to develop new skills and areas of expertise so that you can benefit from their knowledge and understanding.

We work tirelessly to meet your individual requirements and specialise in a range of optical fields so that your concerns and worries are appeased. Here is a short summary of our specialist services:

Children’s vision

Children’s eyesight is very important and can have a lasting effect on their education and career choices later in life. Detecting eye conditions before they materialise is critical especially in young children. They may not be able to tell whether they have an eye condition making it even more important that their eyes are checked regularly, even if they can’t talk yet. Research indicates that 1 in 4 children have problems with their sight. In many cases poor vision can lead to reduced performance in class.

Conditions such as dyslexia can be screened for and managed using specialist filters that will allow you child to read fluently.

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Diabetes is a very serious condition that many people suffer from. Despite this, a number of people have diabetes and don’t realise, compromising their long-term health. Modern optical technology means that we can test for health conditions like diabetes and give you support and information on the condition.

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Many people that have dyslexia struggle at school when trying to read and write. Regular eye examinations can help to improve blurred vision. Our team of optometrists will be able to talk to you in depth about dyslexia and the support that is available to you.

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Glaucoma screening

Glaucoma is a very serious condition that can lead to complete vision loss without treatment. We use modern optical technology to monitor your eye and detect serious conditions like Glaucoma at a very early stage. Our Optometrists will be happy to talk to you about causes, treatments and the risks associated with Glaucoma.

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Sports Eyewear

Protecting your eyesight while participating in sports is very important. Contact and ball sports can cause serious damage to your vision if your eyes aren’t properly protected. You also have to take into consideration harmful ultra violet radiation when playing sports outdoors.

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