Dry Eye

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Common signs and symptoms include:

Discomfort: Your eyes burn, sting, feel gritty or are sensitive to light.

Foreign body sensation: You feel as if you have something in your eye.

Redness: Bloodshot eyes always indicate a problem. It may be dryness.

Fatigue: Your eyes seem to tire easily, especially when reading, watching television and using a computer.

Uncomfortable Contact lenses: Reduced contact lens wear time.

If you feel that you may have dry eye, call our ocular hygienist to discuss your symptoms.

The Dry Eye Clinic

This specialist clinic has been introduced to deal with widespread problem of ‘dry eye’. At the dry eye clinic the many different causes of dry eye will be carefully investigated and appropriate management determined.

Our specialist service will assess the symptoms, undertake a detailed examination of the eyes, then recommend the latest eye drops, eye lid hygiene, heat and massage treatments to alleviate the discomfort associated with dry eye. Following up appointments are also scheduled to fine tune the treatment plan for a period of up to three months.

As this service is not covered by the NHS a professional fee will be charged.

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